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Taxi Rank at José Artetxe Street 17 – Azpeitia




Taxi 2 Azpeitia has the license number 2 of the Guipuzcoan municipality of Azpeitia and a vehicle Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 150cv with high technical performance, total on road safety, complete habitability both in the front seat and in the rear seats and a large boot.

✅ Responsability

✅ Personalized treatment

✅ Discretion

✅ Profesionality

✅ Direct Attention

Taxi 2 Azpeitia offers a taxi service with 13 years of experience, maximum professionalism and safety, providing quick attention, for trips or transfers either passengers or merchandise.



4 ways to order a taxi 📌

There are four ways to request the service of Taxi 2 Azpeitia. Choose if you want to do it through a conventional telephone call, a WhatsApp message, an email, or by filling out a contact form.

By phone to +34659982955

If you need immediate and direct telephone attention, dial the number of Taxi 2 Azpeitia and request the necessary information. It will be attended in the Basque language or in the Spanish language.

By Whatsapp to +34659982955

Taxi 2 Azpeitia +34659982955, within a socializing and integrative work, puts this service into operation to give more accessibility to the group of people with hearing or language impairment, when requesting a taxi.

The taxi request service through WhatsApp, works as follows:

1.- The user must add the Taxi 2 Azpeitia phone number [+34659982955] to the contact list of his mobile phone.

2.- Next, the user will enter the WhatsApp application and update his contact list so that Taxi 2 Azpeitia appears as a contact.

3.- Once inside the contact, to request the taxi, you only have to establish the communication in writing by sending the message through WhatsApp.

Requesting a taxi was never so easy!!

By e-mail a

Use the email service to request an uncompromised quote any type of transfer that requires a taxi. You will receive a detailed response as soon as possible. Requesting information was never so simple and comfortable.

By this contact form 👇

About Azpeitia

Azpeitia is located in the basin of the Urola River, in the geographical center of the province of Gipuzkoa. It has almost 15,000 inhabitants, of which more than 85% live in the urban area.

With an area of ​​69.4 square kilometers, Azpeitia is one of the largest municipalities in Gipuzkoa. Most of this surface is mountainous. The limits of Azpeitia are highlighted by the wide slopes of the Izarraitz on the north and the massifs of Izazpi and Irumugarrieta on the south, and borders territorially with Azkoitia, Deba, Zestoa, Errezil, Bidegoyan, Beasain, Ezkio-Itxaso and Zumarraga

To Baiona: 97 km.
To Bilbao: 72 km.
To Donibane Garazi: 139 km.
To Donostia: 44 km.
To Gasteiz: 74 km.
To Iruña: 95 km.
To Maule: 186 km.

What most emphasizes touristic is the Sanctuary and Basilica of San Ignacio de Loyola. The square, the gardens and the majestic building are three elements that attract the traveler’s attention.

But in addition, there are other places of interest in the town. The first of these is the Antxieta Palace, which dates back to the 16th century. The second is the Parish of San Sebastián, which predates the sixteenth century, as it consists of documents that were rebuilt at that time. And third, the Ermita de la Magdalena.

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